Jupiter Transit 2013
Jupiter in Gemini

Jupiter Transit to Aries

Jupiter direct in Aries is the best time to support your aggressive and successful growth in specific areas of your life.  It can be mentioned as a window of opportunity to seek the blessings and grace of Lord Jupiter.

Jupiter is the planet that grants protection from the evil tendency of cosmic forces as well as from the bad karmic energies built over the series of births. He is considered as the most auspicious planet because of its abilities to bestow all that is good in life for a generous and respectful life. However, it does not imply or mean that Jupiter is always favorable. When Jupiter is malefic or unfavorable, he can ruin your reputation; bring disasters and give nothing but fear and tears. It is through prayers and rituals that we can lessen the amount of negative influence of Jupiter.

Anybody in this material world gets recognition mainly by either his affluence or by his wisdom. Any one of these can give popularity, prestige and eminence to the person. If both of these things can be had in one go, the individual can rate himself as a fortunate one.

Lord Jupiter

Why Jupiter Is Considered As Most Auspicious?

Jupiter is regarded as the most auspicious planet of all the planets because of its abilities to bestow all that is good in life for generous and respectful life. Jupiter is the planet that grants protection from the evil tendency of cosmic forces as well as from the bad karmic energies built over series of births.

Is Jupiter Malefic Also?

Although Lord Jupiter is the most auspicious, highly benevolent and BENEFIC planet, this does not imply or mean that Jupiter does not do any harm or damage. It is believed that the anger of a sage is sharper that it could pierce more than the spear of a wicked person. Similarly, when Jupiter is Malefic, he gives nothing but fear and tears, ruins the reputation, destroys wealth and brings disaster in life with less chance for recovery.

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Jupiter Transit 2013 – How Will You Fare?

Both Jupiter and Saturn transits in Vedic astrology are read only from the Moon's placement. The 4 major planets namely Saturn, Rahu and Ketu and Jupiter move infrequently and their impact is felt in bigger ways than the quicker moving planets like Sun, Mercury and Mars. It will be helpful to know that what opportunities or hurdles will one face when Jupiter makes his move into Gemini as it will help you remain alert and to capitalize on the remaining period of Jupiter in Gemini.

The transit of Jupiter in Gemini’s impact will vary according to the different Moon signs and Nakshatra. Click on Your Moon Signs to read how Jupiter will impact you during his stay in Gemini and participate in the rituals to Jupiter all through the year.


Those with Moon signs that have general favorable results of Jupiter during this transit are
Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Pisces. If this Jupiter Direct in Aries is favorable for you, then you are in the final phase of a lucky time.

However, we are also listing some of the unfavorable potentials that Lord Jupiter may still attribute to you. Remedies done during this period will give immediate protection and will fetch fruitful results afterwards.

Gemini Leo Libra Sagittarius Pisces

Gemini Will find ray of hope in all matters that had been stuck for the past four months. Will get benefits and gains in changes. Egoist approach would bring in enmity and may also delay your fortune
Leo Fortune in foreign land. Spiritual enhancement will be there. Providential help in any sort of impediments. Health would be a concern. Back pain would be there.
Libra Good relationship with spouse. Change in life style. Will have good time to think of any improvement for the benefit of family members. Will adjust to the changes and enjoy the comfort. Will have the support of others Delay in getting money from others. Health problems to spouse.
Sagittarius Can plan for any new venture. Will find a way to buy property and new Vehicle Will have some hopeless forecast regarding finances that would cause anxiety and panic. Loose control in managing finances.
Pisces Finances will improve. Family will have enjoyable events. Will repay loans. Expenses are foreseen. Loss of support in working environment.


Those with Moon signs that have general unfavorable results of Jupiter during this transit are
Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Aquarius. If this Jupiter Direct in Aries is mostly unfavorable for your Moon Sign, it is important not to worry and manifest the general negative indication. It is generalized to give a broader view of the transit. Good things will happen to you too; remedies done during this period will give immediate protection and will fetch you fruitful results.

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We have 9 planets all working in conjunction and affecting one another. The below Chart shows general indications only based on classical teachings for each of the 12 Moon signs.

Aries Taurus Cancer Virgo Scorpio Capricorn Aquarius

Aries Will have hopes to come out of the past turmoils. Will get the lead to proceed further in career front. Health will be a concern. Problems in Liver would occur. Stress in work is seen.
Taurus Auspicious events and investments are in cards. Profitable abroad journey is seen Expense will be more than income. Saving would drain. Health problems are seen to dear ones.
Cancer Good relation with family members. Favorable changes in job. Stress in finance. Relationship with colleagues in office will not be good.
Virgo Financial help from spouse. Selling of property which was pending for a long time. Unexpected gains. Misunderstanding with family members. All sort of delays and disappointments in matters related to career. There will not be independence or liberty in your working.
Scorpio Will manage current tensions gently and settle the pending issues. Will receive the lent money. Support from others during critical situations will be there Others will not understand your moves and will have a suspicious thought on you. More stress in work and domestic conditions.
Capricorn Encouraging environment in all areas of life. Social contacts will improve. Career will have a leap from now on. Health issues to Mother. Father's finances would be in bad shape.
Aquarius Changes are seen. Accept the changes for favorable outcome in your endeavors. Health will be good. Change in career and termination of any undertaking are seen. Patience is needed.

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