Jupiter Transit in Cancer
June 19th, 2014 through July 14th, 2015

Jupiter Transit to Cancer

Jupiter is moving into the Zodiac sign of Cancer on June 19th, 2014. It is Thursday, the day of Jupiter and the Moon will be in Purvabhadra star that is also ruled by Jupiter. This is a great coincidence when the energy of Jupiter will be strong and intensive.

Cancer Jupiter will reside in Cancer for about a year until July 14th, 2015. Here, he is not only all-powerful; he will be in the best of his moods after long years.

This is a very significant time of Astrology. No other planetary transit brings so much happiness to Astrologers. Even sages who meditate in the darkness of caves become enthusiastic about this celestial event. The most graceful planet creates an ambience of well-being for everyone and eases the tensions between conflicting feelings, ideas and energies.

Such an important opportunity arrives once in 12 years!

Jupiter transiting in Cancer: Cancer is ruled by the Moon. Moon represents emotions, feelings, imagination - the creative energy of mind. Jupiter’s influence will help in understanding significance of mind, the right way to use intelligence in our individual lives. Proper methods of training and spiritual practices will help in increasing powers of intuition.

The saying in Sanskrit ‘Pragyanam Brahma’ tells us that God is Intelligence.

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Jupiter – The Benevolent Teacher

Lord Jupiter Jupiter is your Universal teacher: He is your Guru, the one who removes your ignorance and educates you with knowledge that is intrinsically good for you. In Cancer, Guru becomes committed to do you good, and show you the right path. If you really want to connect with your Guru, or the spiritual master, the best time is during the transit on June 19th, 2014.

Receiving education from a Guru has special significance - a Guru can enlighten you about how to get what you are actually looking for in life. This reduces sufferings and the pain of being in constant conflict with circumstances around you. Guru’s education dawns upon you as your realization. Realization comes through rise of consciousness that again boosts higher intelligence. Higher intelligence certainly improves understanding of Nature and situations of life.

To receive advice from Guru, connect with him by chanting ‘Om Gurave Namaha’ during Jupiter horas (Time of the day when energy of Jupiter becomes intensive).

Growth of true knowledge in the world: Material science has limitations. Merging of science and religion will bring improvement in knowledge. People will find renewed interest in Astrology. There also will be revival of interest towards controlling human consciousness through spiritual ways.

Ushering of Golden Age: Jupiter is the golden man, and a body with golden light signifies the rising of Kundalini which opens up all the chakras or energy centers of a body. Trying to connect with Jupiter by propitiating him through mantras will energize Kundalini and our Sixth sense.

The inner golden light of an active sixth sense helps to disperse all negative vibes and feelings. Outwardly, it helps you to fight your enemies and misfortunes. This world will change through enlightened beings.

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